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Thursday, November 01, 2007
[MSG] A Very Happy Birthday!!!


Thank you for everyone's wishes
I have received them
A lot of the hand made gifts from fans made me very touched......

This year's birthday was even happier
The theme was very simple, Red and Green
My sisters dressed up as \‘ avionics flower cars\‘
Really made me laugh non stop
I have a bunch of people who love me so much It's impossible to not be a blissful Princess.....

There's also my most loved Father Ren and Mother Ren They weren't present but left me with a sealed letter
My sister, Dong Gua personally went to pray for what I need that most - Love!
All these made me drop tears while I was cutting the cake
My tears might not be precious
But every single tear drop comes from my heart....

Time passes so quick I am already 26 years old!
When I think of all that I have now
I can only feel thankful
Its really insufficient if the present me still wishes for anything else!
So I can only say
Thank you for all the love everyone
I am really very happy with this year's birthday

Originally posted on 2007-11-01 at 03:26:56

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