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Sunday, November 18, 2007
[MSG] Share With Everyone \‘Sunny Day\‘ Was So Lively


Today, right after getting off the plane, I was so excited when I went to the opening of Sunny Day
When I arrived at Sunny Day, there were already a lot of people and the place was bustling with noise and excitement
My mother said that there were fans waiting since morning
They felt that my mother was tired and even wanted to help massage for her
What's even over is that my mother said that the car was dirty as she had been very busy recently and there were people who even wanted to help her wash the car
Mother Tian feels very touched and thinks that everyone is so cute
The Tian family thanks everyone for all their support
The restaurant was so busy today Had to take photos and interviews as well
If anyone wasn't entertained or tended to please forgive us
If there are anything that needs to improve, please give your constructive criticisms or comments
In short... I am really very happy to be able to share something that isn't related to the entertainment circle
Also thanks to everyone
I will ask for help to post pictures on this blog

Originally posted on 2007-11-18 00:18:07

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