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Saturday, November 24, 2007
[MSG] Call Me Number One, Satisfying!


Thank you all for the support
That has always made me come in first place
Really feel blissful because there is so many people who love me
I'm not lonely one bit
I really enjoy my present life
Going out with friends
Doing things that I love
Occasionally appearing for events
All of you always cheer so loudly for me
And even say that I am pretty
Really very happy
Never thought that I would break away from being handsome and becoming pretty
However, I still think that I am handsome
This is the real me
Liking the different kinds of me
I also thankful that everyone likes the different kinds of me
Thank you
I will continue to work hard
Love you all
On the other hand, please support Kang Na Dang Jia and Dou Niu Yao Bu Yao
They are the ones who make me proud

Originally posted 2007-11-24 at 15:59:53

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