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Tuesday, November 13, 2007
[MSG] Brother Tian's Qing Tian Restaurant


Even though I am very busy
But I still want to share with everyone
My brother has opened a restaurant in Hsinchu called 'Qing Tian' - Sunny Day (I chose the name for it Hoping that when everyone goes in, they would feel that it is a bright day)
It would be officially opened tomorrow If you feel hungry, go have a try
I have to eat the egg roll~ When you slice it, there would be delicious cheese and mushroom inside It is really very delicious
Water buffalo spicy chicken wings~ Is indeed five star quality
Curry vegetable fried rice~ (I would always ask for spicy one because I am the boss' sister Ha) You would feel so enriched after eating it
Chocolate Brownies~ Delicious brownies with herb flavored ice-cream
Creamed Toast~ Don't know what has happened.. such a simple thing and I still want to recommend Because it is just so delicious and crispy
I'll just recommend all of these for the moment
Tomorrow morning, I still have to bullfight Dou Niu (鬥牛)
Once its officially opened, I'll recommend to everyone with my sisters
Qing Tian Restaurant's address is: 新竹縣竹北市文喜街15號
Telephone number: 03 5589569

Originally posted on 2007-11-13 00:22:29

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