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Monday, October 01, 2007
[MSG] Smangus, A Very Cool and Amazing Place


The past two days, I went to Hsinchu Jianshih Township
Which is worth a lot of memorable memories
A few of my friends from outside the Entertainment World and I went to the Smangus Tribe

Why did we go
Because those friends there have always been showing loving care for children from other areas
Together with friends, they raise funds
To purchase goods and materials when paying visits to these children
They interact and play games as well
And there's also nutritional lunch provided
I am very happy to be able to do such a meaningful thing with them

Smangus is a atayal tribe
The whole tribe has only 28 people
There is a very small primary school in the tribe
The whole school consists of only 8 students
And not more than 5 teachers
There is only 2 people in Primary 1
It is really very mini
However, they are a part of Xin Guang Primary
Just that it takes almost a day to walk from the village to the school
That is why they set up a part of it in the village
By doing this, everyone can go to school

Elders say
The small children have not worn new clothes and new shoes for a very long time already
That is why they were so excited
And very happy
We also played soccer with the children
The soccer ball was also brought by us

The tribe village is a very beautiful place
Does everyone still remember Fu fu shu, husband and wife tree?
That's right
This is at the Smangus tribe
The moment I saw it
I felt so envious
Being husband and wife for so many years
Yet have not left each other
Really touching

The people in the tribe are very passionate and enthusiastic
Very generous as well
They prepared for us roasted pork
As well as vegetable dishes
Really very delicious
The children there also enthusiastically surrounded us with questions
Kept asking me to sing them songs
Otherwise, they would sing Chinese Language loudly for us to listen
Really very cute

Really very enriched
After this trip
Even though driving there is very exhausting and the roads aren't familiar to me
The beautiful and passionate welcome right in front of my eyes
Are all worth while
I took some photos
Just a pity that I am not able to post them up yet
Otherwise I really want to share with everyone

Hope that everyone would show love and care more
Feel the true meaning of innocence and kind-hearted
Smangus really is a tribe from God

Originally posted on 2007-10-01 at 21:08:17

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