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Monday, October 08, 2007
[MSG] Qiang Qiang Has Also Touched Friends From Japan


Very happy about this trip to Osaka
Four years later, a lot of people are still touched by The Rose
There were a lot a lot of people from different areas of Japan who participated The Rose event
Only then did I realize that there are a lot of people who like The Rose
I am very happy
After the two events
Because I can work with Joe Cheng again
Four years later
He has changed
Changed into a more matured man
But the only thing that he hasn't changed is
His passion and enthusiasm towards new things
He is as generous simple cute and kind hearted
Very happy that I am able to work with him again
Hope there will be a chance for me to act with him again
And then go for promotion together withhim

Seems like I've gone off topic
Actually I want to share with everyone something that has touched me a lot
That is, for The Rose event we had joined together for a charity event
That is the purchase of Qiang Qiang EP
Of course
All the earnings would go to Taiwan's associations for homeless animals
I performed The Qiang Qiang Song live as well
For the first event, they didn't have the translations for it
Everyone couldn't understand the feelings I wanted to express towards Qiang Qiang
But still, everyone bought the EP
In the end, the EPs we brought there got sold out at the first event
During the second event
I requested the hosts to translate it for me
And they enthusiastically helped me to translate the song
In the end, when I finished performing for the second event
Staff members happily shared with me that
There were a lot of people offstage crying
I was so touched when I heard it
Music is really universal
Very happy that my work has touched friends from Japan
What's exciting is
The fans at the second event who didn't get to buy the EP
Used ordering in order to buy the EP
Really made me touched
Also, I want to Thank Joe for his help
Because he also signed all the EP
Really want to Thank him
Osaka fans are really blessed
Because only they have The Rose single which has my signature together with Joe's
Really very special
Of course
Joe also signed one of the single and is planning to auction it off online for charity
He also wrote some wishes onto the single
Hope everyone would support

The homeless animals in Taiwan are really very blessed
Unexpectedly received help from Japanese friends
Hope they would carry on living healthfully
Continue giving us, the lonely human beings more warmth and comfort
Everyone must work hard together
Because a little bit of your love can also touch the whole world

Originally posted on 2007-10-07 at 23:48:20

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