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Tuesday, September 25, 2007
[MSG] With Love, Mid-Autumn Festival Isn't Lonely


Went home after finish filming.. And there was just me alone
Loneliness appears
Hence I thought of booking for massage.. After all, my shoulders were very tired
Because it is Mid-Autumn Festival, that's why I'm unable to meet anyone
Everyone in front of the round moon is together
I think loneliness is annoying Coming just like that
Ok! I shall cook instant noodles to eat then
But what's sorrowful is that.. I can't even add an egg to it
I have high cholesterol.... It makes me look even more pitiful
God knows that my inner spirit is filled with emptiness
Hence, the strong sunlight shines straight and clears me Looking at the table, there's something awaiting for me to work on That is a doll that is supposed to be auctioned off for charity
He is called Vitamin Baby
I've totally gone into the world of DIY
I sewed a pink love heart onto his clothes
I also sewed a H and did more work on his collar
I sewed a heart shape onto his head as a hair accessory
I also stuck multi color diamond heart shapes as buttons
The cutest thing is that I made him hugging a SATO elephant
That elephant is supposed to be a pair A male and a female...
In order to make Vitamin Baby look blessed, I cut off my love to give one to him
If only he was blessed and happy
Completed it I took a picture of him Really feel like sharing it with all of you (But the blog's photo section isn't working now)
But whatever it is
God's ingenious arrangement has made my night alone not empty at all
So filled with happiness
As long as your heart has love, you won't be lonely
Wishing all of you a very happy Mid-Autumn Festival
I'm going to bathe now Finished reading my script Tomorrow is another early day.....

Originally posted on 2007-09-25 at 22:44:3

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