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Sunday, September 23, 2007
[MSG] Today's Zhuhai


Just finished a concert event at Zhuhai
Very happy
Because the fans from Zhuhai are so cute
The fans who came on stage to play games with us made us laugh so much
Especially the three guys who came onto stage to sing
Really so funny
That guy who sang Distant Location (遠方)
He sang "Fingers are clean and long"
"Fingernails are clean and long"
Funny right
Another guy who sang Grey Sky (天灰)
Renamed the song title Grey Sky (天灰)
Into Sky (天空)
It's not like we are Faye Wong
The last person even called himself Qiang Qiang
But he sang not bad

Lastly, I want to Thank all the fans from the fanclub
Thank you all for always giving us cheers and applauses
Also Thank you all for the cake, messages, cards and letters
All of you are really very cute
Always screaming offstage
Yet when you come onstage, you become shy
Thank you all for leaving beautiful memories during this work trip
Awaiting for the next concert
Remember to be as enthusiastic and scream as loud

Originally posted on 2007-09-23 at 22:23:32

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