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Friday, September 07, 2007
[MSG] There's A Smelly Scent Everyone Stay Alert


There's a smelly scent There's a smelly scent Everyone must stay alert
Hurry pinch your noses and open your eyes wide
There's feces coming
That's right It's me Shi(feces) Bi who is here
Just now I saw someone saying that they are excited that they want to collapse right?
That's so exaggerating I think is being collapse because of the smelly scent Haha
I only allow excitement Do not collapse
If you guys were to collapse Who is going to bother about me???
I am now very blessed
We just finished work
I am now applying facial mask, eating the fruits my mother sliced and also reading all of your messages
There's also my two puppy daughters accompanying me below my computer
Happy Happy
Heard from Nicole that the site had stopped for awhile
Kind of sorrowful depressed kind of feeling???
Do not fear! Isn't it working perfectly fine now?
Everyone must be happy!
Hope that in the future, when I come onto this site, it would be bustling with excitement and happiness!

Originally posted on 2007-9-7 at 00:18

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