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Tuesday, September 25, 2007
[MSG] My Little Gui Gui


Ever since Qiang Qiang passed away
I've been regretting for not treating Qiang Qiang a little better
Did not bring her out to play
Did not treat her to good food
There is a lot a lot of regret
Everything is too late now
But there is still time left for A Gui
At least there is still A Gui for me to do more things for them
A Gui has carried onto Qiang Qiang's everything
Including the basket, clothes, toys and blanket
But most importantly
A Gui has carried on Qiang Qiang's significance to us
He has carried on the role of waiting for us at the door
He has also carried on the role of accompanying us on the mat beside the bathtub
He has also carried on the role of playing ball and even surpassing Qiang Qiang Because Qiang Qiang gets tired very easily Haha
He has also carried on the special effects of running crazily when we leave home
His every movement is just as cute as Qiang Qiang
I really miss her
But I am thankful for A Gui
For his accompany
Does not make me lonely

Sharing this feeling of mine
Is just to remind everyone
To cherish your everything now
Be it friends, lover, family or even your dogs or cats who cannot talk
Or maybe your work, wealth, your interpersonal relations or your every little thing
I hope that everyone would cherish carefully
Don't have any regrets like me
I really miss her
Really feel like saying sorry to her for not taking good care of her
Qiang Qiang
I will take care of A Gui nicely
Be at ease

Originally posted on 2007-09-25 at 00:57:05

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