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Tuesday, September 18, 2007
[MSG] My Family


Because Hebe has been filming
Therefore the free time I get has increased
I have a lot of free time at home
The feeling of being home is so good
What's better is that
I have my family members to accompany me
I am not alone
Happiness is just like that, surrounding me everyday
But when you think of it carefully
They are actually always there
Not because I am at home therefore they suddenly appear
It is actually because I have been too busy with my work
Often neglecting them
Are we always neglecting the presence of happiness everyday
Because of school work
Because of the lives of friends
Because of chasing celebrities' events
Because of the many many things
We then neglect the most important happiness
Quietly think to yourselves
All of your uncommon things comes from this common family
It is family that has created the you now
How can you neglect your own family members
I want to telephone my mother right now
And my dad as well

What else are you doing now
Hurry go and tell them

I love you both
Thank you

Go go go

Originally posted on 2007-09-18 at 16:57:02

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