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Friday, August 03, 2007
[MSG] Thank You All For The Unconditional Love


Yep, my grandmother has passed away
Cannot bare more than expected
Feel sadder than expected
Missing her more than expected
But it maybe a kind of relief for my grandmother
The soul in that body which has been enduring for seven years is now finally free
Grandmother does not feel pain now
But the love remains
Besides missing her, I want to sprinkle the love she left for me
I want to continue passing on love to those who are in need (Will you all join me?)

Thank you all for your comforts and care I have felt all of it
During times like these, it is really heart warming
There's still a bunch of fans just like little nurses
Who gave me informations that would prevent constipation and high cholesterol
I have read them all and could possibly become an expert
All of you are beyond belief, taking care of my mind, body and soul
All of you are just beyond belief
Do not worry about me
I will be ok
(I believe that all of you would be able to read this message now because I typed this onto Words then asked for this to be posted here. This is the fourth time I am typing this. The more I type, the shorter it became. The more I type, the more saddening it is. I am really unluckier than wife but I am much more gentle and graceful because I retyped this four times. There's something wrong with the site, Angry! )

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