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Tuesday, August 21, 2007
[MSG] Promotion Has Begun Hehe


Went for two promo events today
One is a magazine interview
Another is on a television channel's hot topic for guide dogs
Feeling very happy
Seeing a bunch of people willing to help out and is dedicated
Really touching
And the dogs there were very cute
God reveals a uncommon mission
But because they face the problem of money and resources
At the moment, the most urgent thing is that they need a place to live in
Because sometime in the future
There will be four puppy guide dogs from Hokkaido will arrive in Taipei
There is already a homestay that has agreed to bring up one of the puppies
But there are still three more puppies waiting for a homestay
If your home applies to all the factors needed
And you happen to be caring and responsible
And is willing to spend your own time to take care of the puppies
Then please lend out your helping hand
Help them
Let them become outstanding guide dogs
To provide assistance to the blind

Everyone, bring out your love
Spread your love
And let the world be much more beautiful
Just a little bit of your power
Will really change this world

Taiwan Guide Dog Association Contact Number: 02-2827 2107
Account Number: 1967 9895
Website: www.guidedog.org.tw

Originally posted on 2007-08-20 at 23:12:53

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