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Tuesday, August 14, 2007
[MSG] Long Time No See


Is everyone all doing fine
Seems like there has been a lot of things happening recently

Actually, there isn't a need to be so angry
There isn't a need to care much about how others say or think
Because that is their job
They have to write out these kind of reports in order to attract everyone's attention
The media and reporters all have exhausting work
Everyone must be more forgiving
And the company has been treating us very good
We are just like a big family which has been together for seven years already
Everyone shouldn't have any doubts that they are treating us good
'b&B)T0|+F,[8e F'
It isn't necessary

As for myself, I wouldn't get affected
Because I am very clear on the things I do
I know that I am not like how those reports and magazine describe
I have a clear conscience
I am not that popular that everyone cares about my news
I know that you all love me
And cannot bare all these that try to hurt me
Thank you all
I am really touched

Life is still long
There are still a lot of meaningful things waiting for us to accomplish
Right now, I am really looking forward to Qiang Qiang's single release
Because that is the very last thing I can do for Qiang Qiang
Let's all help all those cute yet helpless animals
Don't let those small matters affect you
We have to do big things
Everyone here are fans that love S.H.E
That is why we must be united
Don't break up into different sections
That is definitely not something we want to see happen
The reason why our fans are so cute
Is because everyone's ideas are very similar
Everyone is very united
Isn't it?
Thank you all for all your support these years
We will always be thankful inside our hearts
Love you all

Originally posted on 2007-08-14 at 00:28:51

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