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Thursday, August 02, 2007
[MSG] Happy


Long time no see! Is everyone doing good?
A hundred years ago I told everyone that I am in love But just like how everyone had guessed, I was actually in a relationship with P L A Y
Such intelligence made me feel unsatisfied Next time, I must use a better trick to startle everyone!

Summer break is here Hope everyone won't be wasting their time by doing nothing!
Just like me, I have enrolled for two types of classes. One is craft work and the other is dancing
Although I am unsure if I will be able to learn up to the standard where I am able to show off to others, but being able to do something I wish to do is a very joyful thing!
So hope that all of you will be the same~~Cherish youthfulness

I've watched a lot of movies too Transformers is really not bad a movie The rest are all ok
Also, a lot of department stores are having great discounts! Those who love being pretty better not snatch goods with me!! Hahaha

Lastly, Happiness to everyone~~ Will come back to leave messages when I am free again!!

P.S I typed exactly the same message as the above twice already! The first time I was typing this, I accidentally pressed some key on the keyboard and everything was deleted. Was so angry that I almost didn't feel like leaving anymore messages. Luckily enough, I am gentle and generous in nature.......Otherwise, there wouldn't be this piece of message here!!

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