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Friday, August 17, 2007
[MSG] Because Of All The Love, I Am Stronger


After hurting for two nights, I can finally say out whatever I want to say
Right before the reporters' conference started, I was very worried and afraid
Worried if there will actually be any result in clarifying
Afraid that there will be worst attacks in the future
But I know that for the sake of all my friends, family and fans who love me
I must not be afraid
I must be brave
Yet the moment I opened my mouth to speak, I started to cry......
Really hate myself being a cry baby
I am not weak in fact, I am very strong
Strong to the point that even if today, I am being written so badly about
I still can't stop being optimistic, continue bringing laughter to everyone
Continue striving towards a blessed life!
So, everyone do not worry about me
I feel like I have let go of a big burden and that I am much relaxed after the reporters' conference
I have already let all of you who love me know that
I will fight for what I should
As for everyone's trusts and concern
I sincerely thank you
There isn't any obstacle that can stop us all from heading forward!!
With love~

Originally posted on 2007-08-16 at 23:59:00

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