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Thursday, August 16, 2007
[INFO] PLAY MV DVD Singapore Release Date 8/22


S.H.E PLAY MV DVD will be released on the 8/22 in Singapore
Why is the release date later in Singapore?
It is because for Singapore, there will be an extra exclusive: 'S.H.E PLAY Celebration FUN PARTY' Behind-The-Scenes Bonus DVD!!
There will be segments such as S.H.E talking on the van and rehearsals for the concert!
Other than the extra 'Singapore FUN PARTY' clip that would be included in the DVD, the rest of the contents will be exactly the same as the Taiwan version - All 11 songs in PLAY, PLAY Concert + Behind-The-Scenes at Tamshui Fisherman's Warf. The contents are exciting and well, exciting!!
Also, there will be posters given out as gifts (Same as Taiwan)!!
It will definitely worth while!

For the complete track listing, please click HERE

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