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Tuesday, August 21, 2007
[INFO] ELLA's First EP Production【Qiang Qiang Remembrance EP】

【Qiang Qiang Remembrance EP】
When loved dog Qiang Qiang passed away, Ella composed a song in sorrow
The EP is features a self-drawn cover by Ella while her personal pictures will be included
Dedicated to Qiang Qiang and to all those who love animals

◎The EP's cover is of ELLA's self-drawn work where there will be personal pictures of ELLA together with Qiang Qiang included. Other than sharing her feelings, she hopes to help more animals in aid where all profit from the EP will go to associations for homeless animals.
◎ Qiang Qiang Remembrance EP is a in-memory work and would therefore be exclusive. Other than the song being good to listen to, you are also lending a helping hand to animals in need
◎ On the 8/26 there will be a one and only autograph session even

Ella's first EP production 【Qiang Qiang Remembrance EP】
Exclusive limited release on the 8/24

Track Listings:
1. The Qiang Qiang Song (Longing Version)
2. The Qiang Qiang Song (Remix Version)
3. The Qiang Qiang Song (Longing Version Karaoke)
4. Mahal Kita (Wife DEMO)

The EP will also be released in Singapore and Malaysia however the exact release date is yet to be confirmed. Information will be announced once there is news.
Unfortunately, the EP will not be released in China and Hong Kong.

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