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Tuesday, July 17, 2007
[INFO] Singapore Schedules 2


It seems like there are several inquires about this time's event at Singapore..

Hopefully, all these queries would be answered right here..

1. Concert Tickets Event
This will be held this Sunday (22/7) at 6PM!!
Number tags for queuing will be handed out at 5pm because there will be a limited of tickets.. This way, fans queuing behind who don't get to get a number tag won't have to continue queuing and waiting anymore.

We understand that everyone wishes to exchange for a ticket, but we hope that everyone can be understanding.. Because the expenses for this concert is very high. Organizing this event with just the record company is impossible. That is why there are sponsors.. And also because the sponsors already have a part of the ticket shares, that is why we can only give out limited tickets!! If there weren't any sponsors, this concert would not be happening anyway! So we hope that everyone would be more understanding..

Other than getting your tickets by our sponsors, we also have worked with a couple of medias which would be giving out tickets.. For example, zaobao(聯合早報), Shin Min Daily News(新明日報), The New Paper, The Straits Times, Teenage, My Paper(我報) and so on..
And of course there is Channel U which everyone 'debates' about!
Channel U's Mechanics is: 22/7, 30 spectators who are present read out 'U頻道帶動亞洲流行' would be able to be the first few in line. Same as the rest, each individual has to bring the Luxurious version of [PLAY] in order to exchange for a ticket, each individual can at most exchange for 2 tickets.

So it isn't what everyone had been guessing that only 30 people would be able to exchange tickets!!!

2. S.H.E [PLAY] FUN Autograph Session Day
On that day, only the Singapore version of either the 'Luxurious' or 'Economical' will be signed. Each individual can at most get 1 Luxurious + 1 Economical version signed.

Because we hope that every fan would get their albums signed that is why we have limited the number of albums each individual can get signed. If you possess several copies of the Luxurious version.. please bring only one on the day!

The event should go smoothly if everyone co-operates! The people on stage and the people offstage would equally be happy!
Those people who are thinking of cutting the queue or suggest to cut queue are very well not welcomed!!!

3. YES933 & S.H.E The moment we PLAY together
YES933 will be giving away tickets next week during programs 'Yi Zhou Hao Xiao Xi'(一周好消遙) and 'Xian Ge Qi Yi'(弦歌寄意)!!

Also, a reminder!! Vote actively!!!
S.H.E will be appearing on '
醉心龍虎榜' for live broadcast (Venue: IMM Level 3 Garden Plaza)
On that day, we hope to let S.H.E see good results on the Song Charts!
Please continue to vote for 'Mayday'(五月天) and 'Listen To Yuan Wei Ren Play The Guitar'(聽袁惟仁彈吉他)!!

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