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Friday, July 06, 2007
[INFO] S.H.E Singapore Schedules


It's not that we want to make everyone wait, just that there are a lot of details that need to be confirmed before letting everyone know..

Ok, please take note now!! Take note take note take note!!

S.H.E will be at Singapore on the 28th July 2007 to have FUN!!

1. S.H.E [PLAY ] Celebration FUN PARTY
Venue: The MAX Pavilion @ Singapore Expo
Date: 28-Jul-07 (Saturday)
Time: 8PM

So how can you get in?
Way number 1: Get tickets through our sponsorships (Sony Ericsson & M1、O2 Skin、eneloop by Sanyo - For further, specific details, please take note of the following sponsorship's advertisements)

Way number 2: Get tickets through HIM!! (Get your tickets by showing your PLAY Luxurious Singapore Version Album - A ticket per album, each individual can use only 2 albums as proof for 2 concert tickets. Take note! Concert tickets are limited but will be given out until there is no more!)

Concert Tickets Event (Please remember to bring along your PLAY Luxurious Album)
Venue: Junction 8 TOP of the 8
Date: 22-Jul-07 (Sun)
Time: 6PM

Please co-operate with us on this one.. Do not show us albums in a group/bunch nor line up in a group/bunch.. Because concert tickets are being given out as exclusive. We do hope that on that day of the event, every fan who turns up can get a ticket (Otherwise, it would be unfair for those fans who are queuing up behind).. So please, everyone co-operate with us!

2. S.H.E [PLAY] FUN Autograph Session Day
Venue: IMM Level 3 Garden Plaza
Date: 29-Jul-07 (Sunday)
Date: 2PM

On the day of event, fans with either the 'Luxurious' or 'Economical' version would be able to get their albums signed! But each individual will only be allowed to sign both 1 'Luxurious' + 1 'Economical' version. Same with the previous event, please do not give us albums in a group/bunch nor line up in a group/bunch of people, in other words, do not line up for other people.

3. YES933 & S.H.E The moment we PLAY together
This event can only have a limited of people (Because the venue is not big enough, and because we are going to 'PLAY' together that's why the number of people cannot be too large!)
The tickets to this event will be given out through YES 9 33.. Therefore, please tune in to YES933!

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