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Tuesday, July 03, 2007
[INFO] S.H.E Goes to Malaysia, Chinese Language Competition


S.H.E will be heading to Malaysia around mid August!!
Other than being guest performers at
'2007 ASTRO新秀大賽總決賽' in Penang on the 11th of August 2007 8PM
There will also be a chance to meet up with fans.
Schedules are now in the midst of confirmation and once everything is confirmed, it will be posted up!!
While anticipating on their arrival, everyone can challenge S.H.E's 「Chinese Language」!!

S.H.E 「Chinese Language」 Competition

Co-operated with: Yeah, ChinaPress, MY FM, ASTRO AEC 娛樂E點, Sungei Wang Plaza (T-HOP潮流地帶), H.I.M International Music

S.H.E invites you to sing Chinese Language and PLAY all day!
Are you startled by the Chinese tongue twisters and Westernized RAP in S.H.E's main song 「Chinese Language」 for their 10th album 「PLAY」?
Do you, think that this all new and fresh hip hop tongue twister isn't difficult for you?
Do you, think that you are smart, have clear pronunciation and fast reactions?
Then you are the Big Winner we've been looking for our 'Chinese Language' competition!

S.H.E awaits you for challenge! You are most welcome to come participate as long as you can confidently perform 「Chinese Language」 with your own style and can bring out a new different feeling to 「Chinese Language」!

Our rules and regulations are very simple. As long as you perform 「Chinese Language」 in your own style, you can have a chance at becoming Malaysia's number one primogenitor for hip hop tongue twisters! Start taking action, and stand on stage to show your 「Tongue Skills」!!

Competition Dates
Primary Round 1: 14-07-2007,Saturday, 3PM,Sungei Wang Plaza 6th Floor (金河廣場6樓潮流地帶)
Primary Round 2: 21-07-2007,Saturday, 3PM,Sungei Wang Plaza 6th Floor (金河廣場6樓潮流地帶)
Final Round: 28-07-2007,Saturday, 3PM,Sungei Wang Plaza 6th Floor (金河廣場6樓潮流地帶)

Champion: RM1500 in cash, H.I.M International Music Merchandises valued at RM500, Free subscription to YEAH! Magazine for up to half a year.

Second Runner-up: RM1000 in cash, H.I.M International Music Merchandises valued at RM300, Free subscription to YEAH! Magazine for up to half a year.

Third Runner-up: RM500 in cash, H.I.M International Music Merchandises valued at RM200, Free subscription to YEAH! Magazine for half a year.

Consolation Prize(for 7 contestants): S.H.E merchandises valued at RMM100

Competition Rules and Regulations
1. Open to all citizens of Malaysia, No age limit or sex references.
2. The most for each group would be 3 members
3. Contestants just have to be present at either one of the Primary Rounds to perform S.H.E's 「Chinese Language」 in your own style. Lyrics can be changed although there still must be at least half of the original version.
4. Contestants will be marked on: Style of Clothes, Singing, Dancing and Creativity.
5. Organizers have full rights to decline contestants who offend the application form in any way.
6. All contestants must apply before the 10th July 2007 to:
- Fax at 03-7957 7040 or
- Email at: him@po.jaring.my or
- Be present at: S.H.E [Chinese Language] Competition
Unit 1310, Block B,
Pusat Perdagangan Phileo Damansara 2
15, Jalan 16/11, Off Jalan Damansara
46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
7. Organizers will then be in contact with each contestant and will inform you on the competition dates.
8. For any further inquires, please contact H.I.M International Music at 03-7957 7740

Happy PLAYing!

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