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Friday, June 29, 2007
[Say You Love Me] Hebe's Sad And Sorrowful MV

「Say You Love Me」 is Hebe's first ever lyrics. With such high standards, it was immediately accepted into the album.
She shyly said :「I am actually very embarrassed to show my own work to other people. So while this famous lyricist, Shi Ren Cheng went to the toilet, I took the chance and secretly put my work onto his desk then quickly hid next door.」 A few minutes later, Hebe suddenly heard Shi Ren Cheng cry out in surprise. Hebe who was so nervous thought to herself:「Oh no! My lyrics must be not good. It must be it's being withdrawn.」 Little did she know, Shi Ren Cheng then shouted loudly:「Bingo!」 In the end, the lyrics for the song 「Say You Love Me」 was then altered professionally, making Hebe very excited.
Hebe said:
「This song is about one of my past relationships which in other words mean that this song was written with true feelings. Please, everyone must listen to it!」
And when this song was released in the album, fans had suggested that Hebe should play as main since the lyrics was written by her.
Hebe personally plays the main in a very sad and sorrowful MV. Please enjoy it.

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