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Wednesday, June 06, 2007
[MSG] Wipe Your Tears Let's Bless Qiang Qiang Together


When I first brought Qiang Qiang home, she was already ill
Being able to live till now is really a miracle
I am really very thankful to the doctor who extended her life in order to stay with me during these times

Qiang Qiang had internal problems which affected her
That is why the doctor suggested for her to have an operation to remove one third of her uterus
Previously, she had two operations
Both which were considered quite smooth
But this time
Even the doctor felt it was mysterious
The chances were very low
Indeed we met this problem
All I can say is her time is up
The sufferings she had gone through for me is enough
It's time for her to rest well
She is now a little angel beside the Buddha
Protecting her loved ones
Keep our sorrows everyone
Let us wish her well
I tell myself
Tomorrow, I will stop the tears I shed for her
If I cry continuously
She won't be able to leave
Because of the degree of love for me, she would stay and lick my tears off
But I don't want her to do anymore for me
I just want her to become the angel she's supposed to be
Lets wipe our tears and wish her well
Thank you everyone
I will be fine
Don't worry about me

Originally posted on 2007-06-05 at 19:58:29

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