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Sunday, June 24, 2007
[MSG] Dong Jing Tie Ta


Yesterday while I was waiting at Kaohsiung airport
I finished reading Dong Jing Tie Ta
It is about the life of the author
The story is about his life with his mother
And all the things that comes to an end in life
This is a very touching story
It might have happened to many others
Or it might be happening to you right now
Because everyone has a mother
The author uses very sincere words when writing details about him and his mother's everything
There is also a lot of his experiences in life
You would start to review everything you have long known about yet forget to use it to remind you about the principles
I was laughing as I read
But I also cried as I read
It is that moment when we were on the roads of Kaohsiung
I rubbed away the makeup that was done early in the morning
Cried all the way
But I really was touched
Because his mother is a really great person
All the mothers in the world are great
Recommend this book to everyone
Hope everyone will cherish this relationship that was yours the moment you were born
That is the kinship between you and your parents
You will realize that in life
That is the most precious thing you possess
Papa Mama I love you all
Thank you for having me
For bringing me up healthy
I will take care of you forever
Love you forever
Everyone must be a filial child ok

Originally posted on 2007-06-24 at 01:53:09AM

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