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Thursday, May 24, 2007
[MSG] Long Time No See


I finally found the time to come and see how everyone's doing
I guess all of you have been missing us a lot right
I am not at Beijing for promotions
Really happy that we have finally released our album
Everyone should be satisfied with it right
This album is very cool
I really have to Thank everyone as we have very good sales
And also, our very very very best Hua Yan International Music
Thank you to each and every staff
Because everyone had put in a lot of effort for this album
Hope that all the Chinese around the world would be able to listen to this album
We have been busy with a lot of events and activities these days
Thank you for all those who have participated and supported us
We are really very touched
Especially during the Kaohsiung event
Made our hearts hurt
Because each fan were drenched
Some even looked paled
Kept on shivering
Looks like they have already been very sick
But because the rain was too heavy
We had no choice but to cancel the event
Otherwise more people would get sick
Hope that while participating in our activities and events, everyone would also take good care of themselves
Otherwise we would feel very sorry and sad

We have been more busy recently
More tiring as well
Won't be able to come online to see how's everyone doing frequently
You guys can come to see us
Even though we can't see you
Come and participate our events
Participate studio recordings
Or stay tuned online for news
You'll be able to see us on variety shows as well
But everyone must remember
Those who need to study, must study
Those who need to work, must work
Just come whenever you are free
Don't hold up your life just because of us
Because this would make us very unhappy

Love you all
I am now very happy
Very blessed
Hope that everyone will be the same
Happy and blessed
Don't forget to share all your happiness and joy with the people around you

Originally posted on 2007-05-24 at 00:22:18

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