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Tuesday, April 17, 2007
[NEWS] Calls David Tao 「Little Naughty」、David Laughs and Scolds S.H.E 「No Respect」


Calls David Tao
「Little naughty」 up straight, David laughs and scolds S.H.E 「No Respect」
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Never thought that the ever cheerful and lively S.H.E would have a day where they would become shy. S.H.E who has been looking up to David Ta
o as an idol since school days, and ever since their acquaintance with him a few years ago during 「Happy Sunday」, both sides have been keeping contacts and their personal relationships have become very good. But when David Tao had personally composed the song 「Good Mood Just Be Yourself」(好心情Just Be Yourself) for the ad of S.H.E's famous shoe brand Daphne in Asia, the three little girls became all shy and said that they would prepare him a dinner. Once they were in the recording rooms they started calling him 「Little Naughty」. The three girls carried favor in hope that David Tao would go easy on them during their recording.

This is the very first time David Tao has become their producer even though S.H.E had once invited him to write songs for them. The night before the recording, Ella brainstormed and started to practice 「Love Is Very Simple」(愛很簡單) on her piano. Little did she know that the moment she met David Tao he started to test her:「I remember that you had a piano solo part during your 『2006 Yi Dong Cheng Bao Concert』, come and play a part for me to listen!」 Ella who was so nervous she till she was sweating, shouted loudly:「Oh God! I'm so shy, my fingers are all in a mess!」 Selina and Hebe who was at the side, continuously kept cheering Ella on:「It's a rare chance that there's a teacher right here to give you advice, don't be afraid.」 Ella who was so nervous kept stepping on the piano's pedals violently embarrassedly explained:「The piano would have echoes just by stepping on the pedals. Just be listening to it would make one think that my skills are very good. It could conceal the fact that I can't play very well.

Hebe expressed that when she knew 「Good Mood」(好心情) would be composed by David, she became very excited and nervous where the excited part would be that she could finally collaborate with her idol and the nervous part would that even though David was a friendly guy, she didn't know if David would become very strict when working.「When I got the song, I practiced at home everyday, because I was afraid of any poor performance when recording.」 Selina who adored David the most tried using her excellent coquettish skills and laughed while saying:「I want to warn Teacher Tao not to be too fierce towards me, I won't be able to sing well if he is too fierce!」 To be able to collaborate with David Tao is Selina's dream come true. She said happily:「After entering the Entertainment Circle, I accomplished quite a few dreams, it's really unbelievable!

David Tao had a fresh experience the collaboration with S.H.E. He expressed that he has known S.H.E for quite sometime already but has never officially gone into the recording room for collaboration before so he himself also had been looking forward to this. He said to S.H.E while laughing:「I heard that your harmonics are very good.」, making S.H.E embarrassed, they replied:「So so, not bad.」

The song 「Good Mood」(好心情) will have two versions, fast and slow. This would be the first time David Tao would be composing a song for Women's shoe brand ad, it would also have to suit S.H.E and be a different take from Liu Ruo Ying's version. It is a big challenge to compose songs for two very different artistes. During the process of composing, Daphne side had also contributed a lot of inspiration.

When they received the song, S.H.E expressed that the fast version of 「Good Mood」 suited their image very well as it allows people to have 「Good Mood」 after listening to it. This song would be included in S.H.E's 「PLAY」 album and would also be included in Liu Ruo Ying's latest album which would be released sometime this year.

Other than the broadcast of S.H.E's
main song 「Chinese Language」 in HitFM, the collaboration with MSN will allow the whole of Taiwan have 700 thousand users of Windows Live Messenger participate. http://promotion.msn.com.tw/she_play/, fans can also share their moods with S.H.E.

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