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Saturday, April 14, 2007


In S.H.E's 10th album, the girls become talented writers!
SELINA and ELLA both cried when singing their self-written [Wife](老婆;Lao Po) song! While HEBE's [Say You Love Me](說你愛我;Shuo Ni Ai Wo) was done within her first try!

S.H.E's 10th album 「PLAY」 allows the three girls, Selina, Hebe & Ella 「Play」 crazily. Not only do they play with their own ideas for their outfits, they disguised themselves as [FLOWER PLAY GIRLS]. The three play and experiment even more music-wise as they become talented writers for the first time, wanting to let their fans see an all new, breakthrough within S.H.E.

Ella reveals:「In this album, we have used works by 3 outstanding writers!」 Hebe, who was beside her said:「That's right, one of them includes a highly educated girl whose body figure is hot and sexy. The lyrics written by her makes us all feel sad.」 Selina adds:「There's also a person who although is small in size but has a very fit and great body figure, beautiful like a fairy, has a very sweet and beautiful voice and her writing is really shocking. The third person is boyish yet very good in acting. Her singing, acting and hosting are excellent but the tune she has produced...... is OK only!」 Ella who heard it didn't faint but instead shouted in an angry manner:「Both of you love bullying me!S.H.E who has already been in the Entertainment Circle for 6 years, had already experienced producing and writing but for this album, their works have been accepted for the first time. 「Wife」 talks about the girls' camaraderie. Normally Selina, Hebe & Ella call themselves 「Wife」, but Selina laughs:「Only Ella isn't wife. We just call her Chen Jia Hua.」 HEBE who didn't give face said:「So this time ELLA is lucky!」 This song also made the three girls cry while recording, 「because the lyrics are exactly how we feel for real!」 Ella who produced the tune for this song expressed that she doesn't know how to play the piano, so all of the tune was in her head. Whenever she had any inspiration, she would ask the company to quickly record it for her. She said modestly:「I don't have much writing inspiration, so the lyrics done by others would be better.」 The lyrics were written out by Selina who was in the midst of bathing. She said proudly:「Just by thinking of the lyrics makes my eyes watery, just look at how emotional I am!

On the other hand, Hebe had written the lyrics for the song 「Say You Love Me」 all by herself. She said shyly:「I am actually very embarrassed to show my own work to other people. So while this famous lyricist, Shi Ren Cheng went to the toilet, I took the chance and secretly put my work onto his desk then quickly hid next door.」 A few minutes later, Hebe suddenly heard Shi Ren Cheng cry out in surprise. Hebe who was so nervous thought to herself:「Oh no! My lyrics must be not good. It must be it's being withdrawn.」 Little did she know, Shi Ren Cheng then shouted loudly:「Bingo!」 In the end, the lyrics for the song 「Say You Love Me」 was then altered professionally, making Hebe very excited.

「PLAY」 will be available for pre-orders at all 7-11 stores in Taiwan on the 25th of April while the official release date will be on the 11th of May. S.H.E also revealed that on the 22nd of May, there will be three mysterious 「Good Friends within the Entertainment Circle」 who will be accompanying S.H.E embark through Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung for the meeting sessions with fans in Taiwan's High Speed Rail. The three girls said excitedly:「High Speed Rail, the three of us have never sat before.」 But as for who would the three mysterious friends be? The three said:「You'll know by then!」

Originally posted on 2007/4/14

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