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Friday, April 20, 2007
[NEWS] Hebe Ella Wishes for Different Nationality Relationship Selina Loves Easterners


S.H.E goes onto Hit FM's 「Hito Big Guests」 for May to broadcast their new song 「Chinese Language」, S.H.E shows their ability of their Chinese Language. The three girls even challenged for a battle with the station's DJ. They specially went to the Mandarin Training Center together with DJ Dennis and DJ Elsa for a competition of tongue twisters. The moment they saw foreigners at the center, the friendly Ella immediately spoke in English continuously. Her words 「Fox!Fox!」 made everyone confused of the situation but later realized that what she wanted to actually say was: 「Focus!focus!」. Hebe who was beside her secretly reminded her that 「That was actually meant fox!」 Although she was embarrassed, Ella generously expressed:「You must talk more when you want to learn a language!」 Both Ella and Hebe also expressed that they wishes for a relationship with someone of a different nationality but Selina who's family values were a bit more conservative expressed that she loves Asians.

For the 「Hito Lei Tai Competition」, the DJ team included Hit FM DJ Dennis and DJ Elsa while S.H.E chose a German named Andrew. Ella jokingly said:「I am a visual being. The reason why I chose him is very simple - he is handsome. Don't you think he is the foreign version of Wu Zun?」 Although she admired Andrew a lot, he already had a girlfriend. Ella jokingly said:「Then I'll let you off, I don't like breaking people up.」 Hebe privately expressed that when she previously went to England for studies, the Switzerland guy that wooed her looked a lot like Andrew. Ella immediately said:「Quick, give me the E-Mail of that Switzerland guy. Since you have no interest in him, introduce him to me. Let me socialize with him.」 Even though S.H.E's team lost in the end, the language teacher gave S.H.E 100 marks because they were very lively and even wanted to invite them to become lecturers.

S.H.E who lost the competition tried estimating DJ Dennis' chest size. The three girls laughed and said:「We don't try to estimate just be looking. We want to estimate by touching!」 The three girls then touched Dennis' chest without a word. Ella jokingly said:「It's been so long since I touched a man's chest. I have gained but Wu Zun's is still bigger!

After receiving their punishment of a slap on their hands, the thre
e girls remembered their punishment scenarios while schooling. Other than being caned, teachers even took the wooden planks of chairs to cane students. Ella expressed that during high school because of her impulsiveness, she once argued back with a teacher. Even until now, she feels very sorry about it because now that she is all grown up, she understands that being teachers is very difficult work. Selina expressed that because of her secret relationship and her improper hairstyle made a teacher very worried. The most interesting would be Hebe because she had once secretly admired a senior so her teacher who wanted to prevent her from secretly going to see that senior requested for Hebe to be present at his office everyday to study after school. Hebe laughed and said:「It didn't work at all. I would still find the time to go and see him secretly.」Selina who graduated from Shi-Da University expressed:「Being a teacher now is so difficult. You can't cane or scold the students!」 But Selina still believed that within S.H.E, her personality best suits a teacher because everyone admires her patience and love when training her dog.

When asked about their views on having a relationship with a foreigner, Hebe and Ella expressed that they don't oppose to it where both of them loved English guys. Because it gives them an impression of gentle, elegant scholars. Ella expressed that her own personality is very opened therefore it would be much suitable. Both of them believes that by getting to know guys from different countries, cultures and languages would be a very good experience. This would also be the faster way to practice their foreign languages. Ella said proudly:「It's just like how me and Wu Zun talk to each other. Every time we speak, it improves his Chinese. But because Wu Zun has now gone on a holiday and hasn't practiced me for a long time, his Chinese has worsened. Ella jokingly said:「Didn't I say, he shouldn't leave me. I think the best way is to put Wu Zun into my pocket so that I can teach him Chinese whenever.」 However, Selina expressed t hat she preferred Asian guys because her family teachings are very strict. Her dad might not be able to accept and the cultural differences would be a barrier but Ella who was beside her repeatedly interrupted her:「Dad might reject, but daughter can always try it secretly!」 The three girls also expressed: 「If we were to get into a relationship, we hope it wouldn't be that we're older than the guy. Older than us would be preferred because they could take care of girls.」 Hebe said:「We like to act coquettishly towards our loved ones. We also like being taken care of. If we were to get into a relationship where the guy is younger, it is most likely that I will have to take care of him instead. No way I want it like that.

S.H.E appeared in their new outfits however the media realized that Selina had wore a wig to the event. Selina replied:「The wig is part of the outfit style, just like Jay Chou's! It's in fashion at the moment.「Play」 which is due to release soon, S.H.E expressed:「This album has allowed us to play very happily because it has included a lot of our own ideas and elements which would include composing of songs and outfit styles.」 Ella also said because of the album, she previously went to Japan for some purchases but during her stay at Japan, she met with a sales assistant whose attitude was very bad. The sales assistant had even pushed Ella's sister which made her very angry. Ella whose personality was very straightforward immediately said in English 「I don't like your attitude」. During her trip to Japan, Ella had bought a lot of fashionable clothes which suited the album. On the 22/4 when 「Play」 is released, other than Taipei, S.H.E will also be heading towards the North and South of Taiwan.

Originally posted on 2007/4/20

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