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Saturday, April 21, 2007
[MSG] Ella Replies


希望Ella會注意到香港fan, by wingchu628

Of course I know we have a lot of fans from Hong Kong
Otherwise are all those people who wait at the airport just to welcome us just actors?
Don't worry
We know that you all love us
Thank you all
Will definitely go to Hong Kong more when there's the chance

Originally posted on 2007/4/21 at 00:58
Hebe Style 喜碧特色论坛3n |?)Y q,lM

d_fu\.U4AIvHebe Style 喜碧特色论坛For Ella, by 企小鵝

I've been trying to lose weight recently
Because I have gained 1kg
I am working hard right now


Originally posted on 2007/4/21 at 00:59
H�]3_*d7@Hebe Style 喜碧特色论坛N&oA�W0J/Z@


Ella"1定要看喔!!=], by E_TY穎"

Read it
Thank you for your support
I believe you will like this coming album even more
Because we like it as well
I am not sure as to whether we will be going to Hong Kong for promotion
But I think we wouldn't miss Hong Kong out
By then
You must join our activities and events ok

Originally posted on 2007/4/21 at 01:07


c \V&M|
,?5CW)y)|/] q;r CElla你的話給我很多動力, by lovecuteella

Cheer on

Hope all goes well when you're overseas

Originally posted on 2007/4/21 at 01:10

w[a*Yr6c(NS&x ~-pc#Rswww.hebe.com.cn我很傷心..ella.怎辦?, by shippy613

Don't be sad
Just give him your blessings
He probably enjoys the happiness of becoming a father
And you will soon be an aunt
Isn't it
After all it is a joyous moment
Also he is willing to take the responsibility
This is very good
But his life will now be going through a different stage
You being his sister should be there to give him encouragement and advice

Originally posted on 2007/4/21 at 01:15

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