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Friday, April 20, 2007
[MSG] Ella Replies


Ella ~ 妳真的收到嗎?, by OCHK

It's you

Originally posted on 2007/4/20 at 01:26


請三仙以及各位幫兩位小生命加油, by 最愛喜碧仙~小

Cheer on
Cheer on

Originally posted on 2007/4/20 at 01:27


生日快樂, by 可愛魔

Happy Birthday

Originally posted on 2007/4/20 at 01.27


Ella檳城來一下可以否 , by 阿率~(=_<) I've been there before But forgot when it was I still remember I sat by car from Kuala Lumpur though Had to go through a very long bridge Hehe My memory is very good Basically Malaysia is a very beautiful place I like it a lot I will go to Penang when there's the chance Ok Originally posted on 2007/4/20 at 01:30


Ella姐请你看可以吗?想分享 , by imel

I'm very touched after reading your message
I also want to learn from you
Because the way your family helps others
Is like sharing happiness with the whole world
I believe your internal spirit will be very rich
Really admire you guys
Actually the trip to India
Made me praise myself a lot
In the near future, we must be in closer contact with those who need help
Because I also want to share with them all of my happiness
That is why I am very hardworking right now

I want to enrich myself
Be it on the vitality and spiritual side or the income side
Because I want to share my happiness with this world

I also wish to learn a lot more from those who need help
I believe that the day I achieve this
My internal spirit would be just as enriched as yours is now
Thank you

Originally posted on 2007/4/20 at 01:34


ELLA,跟你下戰帖XD, by 無力登當卍皮卡小羊

How about you change
Sing to make me happy

Originally posted on 2007/4/20 at 01:36


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