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Monday, April 16, 2007
[MSG] Ella Replies


ELLA,進來一下,好嗎???, by 小餅子

I really loved basketball as well
But I don't love winning
Well, it's not that I don't love winning

Just that I enjoy the feeling of playing basketball
Because I play with a bunch of good friends
That's why when playing
I am really very happy
Even if I don't play
I will still be by the side cheering on for my friends
I can be just like me
Even if you really can't be on court to play
You still must cheer for your own team
Enjoy and cherish your youth well
p.s Of course I remember that piece of message
I do put in my real effort and feelings when replying messages you know

Originally posted on 2007/4/16 at 23:20

快留下SHE新專辑大卖的祝福語 , by 向心力

Wish that our album will have big sales

Originally posted on 2007/4/16 at 23:22 Hebe Style 喜碧特色论坛VL0VOeL%a V2\.

Ella~你說:我應該愛她嗎?, 我要做藝人(Ella來了要跟我打招呼喔)

If you like her, just tell her.
By telling her
Does not necessarily mean that she will accept your feelings

Because there won't be happiness by forcing
There isn't a need to love anymore if it's pressured love
Don't waste your youth away

Get into more relationships
Because it would be difficult once you're old
Cheer on
Blessings to you
Must be happy ok

Originally posted on 2007/4/16 at 23:26w)FjGA(K.h'G|`

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