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Friday, April 13, 2007


The release of S.H.E's 10th album, PLAY has already been confirmed to be on the 5/11
Please stay tune for more details including pre-orders, dates, gifts, etc.

In the mean time, want to practice Chinese tongue-twisters that S.H.E has learned?

扁擔寬 板凳長
biǎn dān kuān bǎn dèng cháng

biǎn dān xiǎng bǎng zài bǎn dèng shàng

bǎn dèng bù ràng biǎn dān bǎng zài bǎn dèng shàng

biǎn dān piān yào zài bǎn dèng shàng

bǎn dèng piān piān bù ràng biǎn dān bǎng zài nà bǎn dèng shàng

dào dǐ biǎn dān kuān hái shì bǎn dèng cháng

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