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Friday, March 30, 2007
[NEWS] S.H.E 「10th」 Power Reappears! Mid-May 【PLAY】Released!

[NEWS]S.H.E is here with their latest album, PLAY】!
With their main song, 『Chinese Language』, they come out with much more power and strength.
S.H.E explains:「In our singing career, S.H.E's 10th album is a very important album! During this time, we have experienced and tried a lot of new and fresh type of music! We also attempted new kinds of styles!」 Because of the MV filming of their main song 「Chinese Language」, HIM International Music has specially spent 250 thousand, hired over 100 staffs, all the way to China.
Ella reveals:「This song is a very outstanding piece of work from China! The contents are very new and fresh for us!」 Selina also expresses:「This song is actually a mixture of Hip-hop and Chinese style, rapping is very popular among youngsters nowadays! But in actual fact, Chinese have been rapping long ago! The tongue-twisters are just like that!」 Hebe also reveals:「We have been playing crazily because the album is named 『PLAY』! This time, we have specially sung tongue-twisters as RAP, hoping it would become a current trend! But these tongue-twisters were difficult for us! Before the recording, the three of us had practiced till our tongues almost got twisted together! But we are now very good at it! Welcome all to come and challenge!

Originally posted on 2007/3/30

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