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Monday, March 05, 2007


I don't know how to sing Bu Si Zi Mi
I sang Yin Lang
And I was imitating Huang Li Xing
Don't know if everyone managed to hear it

Originally posted on 2007/3/5 at 23:00


I'm really anticipating on this traveling schedule
I think this would open up our eyes in life
I have already planned to buy some things during the coming days when I'm free
I want to buy some tidbits, drawing pencils, picture albums and some more interesting stuff
I want to be friends with those little children there
Everyone must be envying us right

Don't need for envying
You guys can also be friends with the whole world
Just through World Vision
You can be just like us, spreading your love to them
Cheer on everyone

Let's all enjoy the feeling of love

Originally posted on 2007/3/5 at 23:05


Thank you everyone
Hope that even when there's no more S.H.E in the future
You guys can still be good friends forever
Just like the three of us
Originally posted on 2007/3/6 at 01:19


I got electrified as well
That's why I came in to hide for awhile


Originally posted on 2007/3/6 at 01:21


I will be going
But the promotion schedules aren't clear yet
Just wait for me

Originally posted on 2007/3/6 at 01:24

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