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Saturday, March 03, 2007


Ain't I here now
The break ago was too relaxing
That's why...........
So happy being able to have a break
It lets me have much more energy
I feel very blessed now

Because I have everything
Although I don't have a boyfriend Haha
But I have my family who loves me
And also the job that I love
I just watched a movie
It's called The Pursuit of Happyness
It's so touching
Have a lot of feelings and thoughts
There are a lot of unfortunate people in this world
Think about it
To be able to live like how we are now
Is really a very happy thing to be
k m_f2o8gtj4sI believe everyone will be blessed
You guys are really our cutest fans
Because you guys are always satisfied very easily
Not greedily waiting for us to give you all surprises
Thank you all for your support all this time
Go watch that film when you're free
It's really great
!r0K"S3}THebe Style 喜碧特色论坛
Originally posted on 2007/3/3 at 00:39

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