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Tuesday, March 27, 2007
[MSG] Stop The Dispute Give More Love


Things aren't that serious ok
It is me who likes to cut short hair
Previously after filming Hana Kimi, I grew long hair for a little while
But found it too troublesome
First of all
It is a waste of shampoo (Anyway two hours after washing my hair, it gets smelly again Makes no difference Haha)
Secondly, my hair is very thick very dull (Which would make my hair smellier)
Also, hair drying would take a very long time (I am very afraid of troublesomeness)
So this is why
Is there really a need to make everyone hurt and angry
I didn't come online for just a few days only
And things have already become so big
Seems like I have to come online more often to patrol
Otherwise there will be chaos

Everything is alright now
No more quarreling
Be well-behaved
To have more love in your heart
More forgiveness
Things would then be very easy
Don't make things so complicated
Don't questions about the relationship between the three of us anymore
Although we won't get affected
But with this type of clamor appearing
It will only make us feel that these fans who are questioning us really doesn't understand us well
This would make us feel that you are lousy
Everyone must be well-behaved
Super love this new hairstyle of mine
It's very CUTE
Isn't it everyone
No outer appearance can conceal my passionate heart
Someone to love
Is forever beautiful
Everyone agrees right
After returning from India, the three of us have become beautiful
Everyone agrees to that as well right

Originally posted on 2007/3/26 at 19:00

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