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Wednesday, February 28, 2007
[MSG] He.... Attempting to wish Happy Chinese New Year


I'm attempting to wish everyone a belated Happy New Year Hope it's not too late
Happy Chinese New Year everyone ~

May everyone be healthy and wise
I had put in a lot of heart into celebrating this year's new year

I specially bought a lot of red tops back to Hsinchu
Wanted to create the look of a huge human red packet
Normally, I'd only wear more conservative colours such as Black, Grey, White
It is no doubt that I plucked up a lot of courage and effort to wear them
Even Tian Bon, Gou Gou had their share
Hope they won't feel shy
.....Here are some pictures...

Picture 1 Myself, Tian Bon and Gou Gou at my grandmother's house on the second day of Chinese New Year
Picture 2 On the third day of Chinese New Year, I met this weird funny shop when I went to join the World's Biggest BBQ
Picture 3 I saw a bunch of olden day people so I took a picture for souvenir

Next up, I want to share with everyone a film I watched recently
The first film The Holiday
....When the daughter of the main actor, Jude Law(....He. I forgot his name) said that they were the three musketeers in the tent... Iron me..... Cried I know, it's a very stupid thing to cry at But at least I cried.. Ha

Second film Music and Lyrics
....When the main actress, Drew Barrymore's (....He. I forgot the name again) sister wanted to take photos with the out-dated singer Alex but failed to, made me laugh so loud at her cold expression I know, it's a very stupid thing to laugh at But at least I laughed.. Ha

Third film A GOOD YEAR(I think the Chinese title for it was that beautiful or perfect year or something Sigh~ I forgot once again)
It was good! So romantic~ But after watching it, I couldn't stop thinking of being in love... Nasty! Also, after watching it, I kept talking in French to myself But then again, whatever I say is only I love you, Thank you, Sorry, Cheers, Good Morning, Good Night
At last, I insisted on imitating French lyrics It was really unsightly
At that moment, I really wished that life wasn't a True Man Show Otherwise I would have been laughed at Don't tease me ok Oh yes I also went to buy the Original Soundtrack.. Yeah not bad indeed
Lastly, I want to share with everyone a few account numbers
Postal Account Number:

Organisation: World Vision
Postal Account Number:
01022760 (Providing financial aid..etc for only children)
15752467 (Providing food, water aid..etc)

Organisation: Cathwel Service
Postal Account Number: 13723601

Organisation: House Care Association of Orchid Island
Postal Account Number: 06666150

During this New Year, everyone has new hopes Believe that as long as you work hard, it would be a even better year But there are friends who need your help Really need your help
It is our love that will make this a better year If you can help those friends in need of help Your new year would be heading to success Let's all exhort together~

Originally posted on
2007/2/28 at 下午 12:55:00

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