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Saturday, February 17, 2007
ELLA Wishes Everyone A Happy Lunar New Year

Hello Everyone I'm not Ella
But don't throw your computer mouse first

Aiyo Ella is busy with the New Year goods
That's why she asked for help just to say Happy Lunar New Year to everyone

Within a blink of an eye, Lunar New Year approaches
When everyone wears their new clothes and hat
Don't forget to rest well And let your mood free in order to face the coming year
Just like her She's also resting
Oh Yes
There's one thing that I must say
That is, during the Chinese New Year period
Those who knows and are near Ella's house
Don't go loitering around just because of curiosity Or pretend to coincidently meet her
Although they are very passionate, enthusiastic and heart-warming
Artistes still need their personal time and space for rest
Believe everyone are good kids Must be understanding

Happy Lunar New Year!!!

Originally posted on 2007/2/16 23:30

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