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Sunday, February 04, 2007
[Announcement] S.H.E Daybook's 2007 Schedule


Happy Anniversary!
Yes, S.H.E Daybook has successfully gone through a years of committed work!
S.H.E Daybook would like to Thank all readers and support during the first year.
Do continue to support.

Unfortunately, due to tight schedules, we have come to a decision that activities planned for 2007 will be canceled. Activities including S.H.E news, birthdays, anniversary and our recent 07 Celebrity Daybook Exchange.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused but do continue supporting us as we will still be providing S.H.E blog messages as usual.

Also, please give your full support to our new affiliated forum specially dedicated to Hana Kimi lovers, Chun Ella Fanatic Craze.

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