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Friday, January 05, 2007
[MSG] I'm Still Breathing / 2007 New Year Is So Happy


I'm Still Breathing

Everyone who read my interview for Next Magazine(Yi Zhou Kan) thinks I can't make it anymore
Here, I want to inform everyone
That I am still breathing My heartbeat is still normal I am very good Do not worry
Just that my bowel movements isn't as regular
I have already read every piece of concern and encouragement message for me
I am really very touched and I am also very thankful
I, Jellyfish has put all of your words in my heart already
But there are also some messages that were very cute and funny
Such as asking me to be stronger and all is too over
Having a function which slightly makes me laugh isn't that bad too
I am very lazy but I'm not depraved
I will maintain a normal heartbeat and mood for myself for everyone or for those who need my help
As for regular bowel movements... I won't request for more Ha

Originally posted on January 5, 2007 at 02:11 AM


2005 New Year Is So Happy

Come Come Come

Come see pictures
We spent our 2007 countdown at Hangzhou
The happiest moment was when counting down 5 4 3 2 1
I won the 2006 most beautiful and hottest beading goddess I
think only I can enjoy this kind of unique glory Ha(Behind me there's Brother Cockroach and A Du)

Come come come
Come see old pictures
Don't complain the lateness of good things

Christmas day was busy and tiring Practically had no time for sleep
So we agreed to dress ourselves with Christmas spirit
Even our hairstylist in the left side wasn't let of by us

Thus there were four active Christmas trees at the airport early in the morning

Come come come
Come see something that couldn't be seen at the concerts

During the concert, toy poodle Pinky and Qiang Qiang were present The only one missing was Tian Beng
So I want to let everyone see the recent Tian Beng which was secretly taken
When we went home, we didn't dare to discuss about the concert in front of her
Afraid that she would feel that it was unfair when she hears
it Didn't get to bring her She would be sad
Everyone doesn't know that it is she who deserves to be standin
g on the stage most
Because she knows how to hum the song Ai Qing De Qia Qia
It's for real
She doesn't want everyone to know But I still can't resist telling and sharing this with everyone
She, Tian Beng knows how to sing Ai Qing De Qia Qia Just th
at she lacks in the dancing part

Come come come

Come accept my New Year's blessings
Wish everyone a very Happy New Year
Blessings with concise and succinct strength
But hope that you all will be able to receive it

Originally posted on 2007/1/5 at 上午t 02:41:00

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