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Tuesday, January 02, 2007
[MSG] Happy New Year!!! Here I Come!


(Picture Says) On Christmas Day, even though everyone didn't sleep, everyone agreed to dress up with a Christmas feeling. that's why these "Christmas Trees" appeared at the airport!!!

Darlings Happy New Year
Princess has been really busy these days
But how can I not be here on the first day of the new year to wish and accept everyone's blessings?!
Hope that everyone's dreams and wishes will come true in this very new year!
To make it up to everyone I'll post up some cute pictures that were taken!
Then after this, we'll give everyone a very crazy gift while counting down tonight!

Miss you all very much
Princess Sai Lin Na

(Picture Says) Princess' apartment! Just that it is my darling daughters on the bed!! Cute right!
(Picture Says) Even though we were busily spending New Year's Eve in Hangzhou, Princess didn't forget Secretly took this of the West Lake! In that five degrees weather, can Princess be as beautiful as the West Lake!! Hehe

(Picture Says) Imagining how the people in olden days ride on these boats along the lake It gives me a romantic kind of feeling~~ Do not laugh at me!!

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