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Tuesday, January 23, 2007
[INFO] Why Isn't Ella Hosting Guess Guess Guess?

Everyone should already know that Selina & Hebe has agreed on the hosting/recording of the new Guess Guess Guess after Liu Han Ya & Yang Cheng Lin's leave.
It's known that everyone is pleased that they will be able to watch Selina & Hebe together with Jacky in the hosting/recording of the programme but are disappointed at Ella's absence.
So why isn't Ella hosting?
Don't think too much about this everyone
Other than singing, the three have their own interests as well
For example, Ella loves acting while Selina loves craft work and hosting
Hebe loves to read and write
We go according to their interests when assigning them work
This time, Hebe is accompanying Selina for the fun of hosting
Ella is very exhausted after the tedious filming of drama thus is not accompanying them into hosting
That's all it is

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