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Saturday, January 20, 2007
[INFO] Singapore Schedules

Come and show your support for HIM's most promising artistes!

S.H.E Flight Details
1/26(Friday) 5:45 AM

S.H.E Gratitude Event
S.H.E's Singapore Concert tickets sales has already reached an outstanding 95%!!
Everyone must be looking forward right?! It will be a very HIGH, and great concert once again!!

In order to Thank everyone for their generous support, S.H.E will be organizing a crazy day out with everyone! They will be organizing a "S.H.E Yi Dong Cheng Bao Celebration Gratitude Event"!

Take note!
Date: 28-Jan-07 (Sun)
Time: 3:00pm
Venue: Junction 8, Top of the 8 Level 3

On the day itself, there will be an autograph session for "S.H.E Yi Dong Cheng Bao Concert" CD. The "S.H.E Yi Dong Cheng Bao Concert" DVD which will be released on the 1/26 will also be signed!!

Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nv Promotion Event
Other than the above activities, Ella together with Wu Zun will be promoting "Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nuu", take note!!

Venue: Tampines Mall, Open Plaza
Date: 1/29 (Monday)
Time: 7:00PM

Event will include the autograph session of "Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nv Original Soundtrack". The only thing that will be signed is the Original Soundtrack Album (Singapore Version).

Fahrenheit Schedules
dear all,

I am sure a lot of you have known about Fahrenheit's activities in Sg.

Details as below:

28 Jan: Fahrenheit Fans gathering
Time: 2pm
venue: k Box K union
win entry pass method:
*stay tune to 933, My Paper, WanBao and K Box

28 Jan: Fahrenheit ONE and ONLY autograph session
Time: 6pm
VenueL: IMM level 1 Stage

** we will only sign all 3 albums of SINGAPORE version. For 2nd and 3rd edition, please also produce the event pass enclosed in the album.
** please note that Fahrenheit will also be guesting in S.H.E Singapore Yi Dong Cheng Bao

Originally posted on 18th January 07

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