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Thursday, January 11, 2007
[INFO] Sina Music Awards (HK)

S.H.E & Fahrenheit飛輪海 needs your full support so
Vote for S.H.E & Fahrenheit飛輪海 at the Sina Music Awards now!
Remember to take note of the Rules & Regulations.

Step 1: Click on circled button

Step 2: Vote for S.H.E & Fahrenheit飛輪海 at the following circled categories - 我最喜愛組合(全國) Favourite group, 我最喜愛新組合Favourite new group, SINA MUSIC 我最喜愛演唱會 Favourite ConcertStep 3: Click onto desired choice (S.H.E in 我最喜愛組合(全國)), (S.H.E in SINA MUSIC 我最喜愛演唱會) and (Fahrenheit飛輪海 in 我最喜愛新組合)
Then click on the left circled button below.
Step 4: Type in code and email address. Then click on circled button.
Step 5: Select your details and type in your year of birth. (this can be randomly done)
Step 6: If vote counts and succeed, a popout should appear stating 投票成功! and you should then be brought to the results page.
Step 7: Go back to the main page and start voting in the other 2 categories for S.H.E & Fahrenheit飛輪海!
Rules & Regulations
1. In order to keep the voting results accurate and fair, every email address can only vote once in each category.
2. Sina Hong Kong will check the votes through if it has been found that the same computer has been voting for more than once.
3. Sina Hong Kong has the authority to delete any unfair voting.
4. 2006 SINA MUSIC Awards will be conducted under two parts:
First Part
All votes will be accepted from the 21st of December 06 to the 9th of January 07 where the top 5 artistes in each category will be chosen.
Second Part
The Top 5 artistes in each category will then stay in the voting process where voting will continue from the 10th of January to the 24th of January 06.
5. The Awards ceremony will be held on the 28th of January 06.


Originally posted on 24th Dec 2006

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