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Thursday, January 11, 2007
[INFO] 2006 Soho Sprite Awards

Other than voting for HIM's most promising artistes at the 2006 Sina Music Awards(Please scroll down to post Sunday, December 24, 2006 for more information), S.H.E , Tank & Fahrenheit needs you to vote for them at the 2006 Soho Sprite Awards as well. Do your part and give your favourite singers the best gift - awards and recognition.


At the right hand column, ○:港台地区候选歌曲网友投票(Taiwan Region), S.H.E, Tank & Fahrenheit are nominated with:
- 《不想长大
S.H.E - 《Super Model》
S.H.E - 《Ring Ring Ring》
S.H.E - 《Goodbye My Love》
Other than these, please help vote for:
Tank/Selina - 《独唱情歌
飞轮海 Hebe - 《只对你有感觉
飞轮海 - 《我有我的Young》

Please note that you will need to vote for 10 of your favourite songs for this column.
If you are pleased to, you may choose either to vote or not(10 songs as well) at the left hand column, ○:内地候选歌曲网友投票(China Region)

Step 1: Fill in the blanks and click on 投票 to confirm votes
Rules & Regulations
1. Choose you favourite 20 songs(10 for China Region & 10 for Taiwan Region) for the awards ceremony which would be held in 2007
2. Individuals have the chance to vote for 20 songs each day
3. Whichever artiste gets the most votes will win the "2007 hottest song"
4. Whichever artiste gets the most votes will perform their song at the ceremony
5. Individuals who vote the song that gets the "2006 hottest song" will have the chance to win a mobile phone & a MP3, but don't forget to leave your real details while voting!


Originally posted on 30th Dec 2006

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