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Tuesday, December 05, 2006
[MSG] So Busy!


Princess basically rolled and crawled here! Have been so busy recently! We have just came back from Wei Bo's concert in Jinjiang as special guests.

And without saying too much, we continued to immerse in our 12/16 Taipei concert! Let me secretly reveal: There will be new songs, new dance moves, Okay you all know that it's very hard for me to hide and not tell all of you: Princess even has a new Solo!

I went to cut my hair yesterday! I have a fringe now, if you guys suspect that I have grown fatter, that is not true! It is purely because I am brave enough to take this challenge of having a fringe! (Wait till I wear prettier clothes then I'll post them!)

How is everyone doing? I've found the weather has become colder when I got back! Seems like winter is really approaching.

Okay! It's about time Princess has to roll back for practice! Heard that the ticket sales are very good, which means that we would be able to see each other very soon! Ha! I have to work hard work hard! Just watch me, I guarantee everyone that the tickets are worth it!

Take care everyone! I will come to see everyone once I have the time

Princess Na Na

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