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Friday, December 08, 2006
[MSG] Rui Xi's Thoughtful Friend at Ying Kai


Yu Ci Lang is so cute right
His actual name is King
His breed is the
Great Pyrenees
At that time, the producer had a headache when choosing the dog's role
Because everyone is very familiar with the Golden Retriever and the Labrador Retriever
That's why he wanted to find a more special dog which is less seen by the audience
As a result, my brother helped a lot in this
Don't know how that guy knew about the Great Pyrenees

But then he recommended it to the producer
Never to thought that the moment the producer saw King
He immediately felt like he was just like Yu Ci Lang from the manga
Also, King is very tamed
Very obedient

Very loyal to humans
And is not aggressive at all
Just like in the first episode when he had to rush onto me

And then lean onto me
Was very difficult to film
Because he doesn't dare to do such a disrespectful action to h
So it was successfully filmed after I had to pull his hands in order for him to stay
This was what happened
Does everyone understand now?

Just wanted to share this with you all

But don't rear a
Great Pyrenees just because they are cute
Because they need a lot of space to exercise
And they are also scared of hot weather
That's why the kind of weather Taiwan has is more exhausti
ng for them
Everyone thinks dogs are cute which is right

But you must have the guarantee that you will be responsible for it's whole life
Take care of it
Love it

And not randomly abandon it
Then decide on rearing it
Otherwise there will be a lot of pitiful stray dogs

If you really like it

Yet hinder about one's ability to rear
Then you can help rear stray dogs
Donate some money
Or take some action
In order to not let them go so far as being pitiful

They are lives that also need respect

Life should be equality
Originally posted on 2006/12/8 at 上午 02:56:00

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