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Wednesday, December 13, 2006
[MSG] My Christmas Present


This is the first Christmas Present I've received this year
This is from my dearest sister Hebe
It's a set of body care products
Plus a little pig wearing a pair of G-string
So cute
Wife has one as well
Hers is a body lotion which has sparkle beads
It's something wife has been infatuated with recently
She always loves her body to be all sparkly

Thank you Hebe
The three of us are just like this
Even if it is just one of us shopping alone
We would also be thinking of each other
If we feel that something suits each other we'd buy it for each other
In other words, it's a very thoughtful gift
So touched
Well, wish everyone Merry Christmas in advance!

Originally posted on 2006/12/13 at 上午 12:26:00

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