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Wednesday, December 20, 2006
[MSG] Most Initimate Companion


Teacher Ren is really not a very good teacher!

I actually didn't introduce my most intimate companion!
The so-called Good Craftsmanship depends on the use of the right tools,
(He, Does it sound like a teacher now ^^)
Everyone will be able to find these companions at any craft shop

1. Flat leveled sharp pliers: The fronts are leveled and flat, handling with metal stuffs are great with this!
2. Sharp rounded pliers: The fronts are rounded, very good in making beautiful circles with the T and 9 needles.
3. Cutting pliers: For cutting of any metal thread, cuts at your desired length.
4. Ring Tool: For opening the single and C rings, it's a very simple and good to use tool for rings.

Metal Accessories
1. 9 and T needles: Just thread your pearls in, then use the pliers to bend the ends into a circle liked shape.
2. C circle: Used to join stuffs, there are all kinds of colours.
3. Hook: Used on your already threaded beads.
4. Stopper: Just use them on your string.
5. String: Can be used for both necklaces and bracelets, or just cut them into short lengths and use them as a style in your works.

String Types
1. Fish Strings: Gets bigger and coarser by as the numbers go up, the ones that are more commonly used are the no.2 or no.3 transparent fish strings.
2. Stretchable Fish Strings: Very stretchable, simple and good to use, used mostly for stretchable bracelets
3. Metal Strings: There are Silver, Copper, Steel etc, gets smaller and coarser as the numbers go up.
4. Leathered Strings: Suitable for threading big beads.

Anything you don't understand, Teacher will come back to teach more once I am free!
He, very sleepy today, going to sleep now:)

Originally posted on 12/20/2006

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