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Wednesday, December 27, 2006
[MSG] I'm Free


Finally there's time for me to chat with everyone
Ever since the end of our concert till now
I haven't had time for rest
Actually there's a lot to say to everyone
Thank you everyone who gave us another beautiful memory to keep with that night
And also thanks to two of my good sisters
Their solo performances were very good
It made me very proud
To have sisters that sing so well
As for me
It's more embarrassing
Because I was really too nervous
I think my face crinkled continuously that moment
Also, the day before the concert I used too much strength during rehearsal of the whole concert
Thus, having not much strength left on the day of the concert
Really very weak
So thanks for everyone's enthusiasm
Which made the three of us persevere till the end

Next, it's Christmas
It truly is
Took so long to say Merrry Christmas to everyone
Really sorry
Still, thanks to those fans who went to Miaoli and Guangzhou to see us
Thank you all for the enthusiasm

But I have something to say to those fans who went to the airport
I am not angry with you all
I just feel heart broken that you all had to burn midnight oil just to wait for us
Also, we would feel worried for all of your parents
Don't do these type of things in the future
I know that you all want to give us surprises
Want to make us happy
But really, there isn't a need to do this
Just obediently do the things you all ought to do
Ought to study then study
Ought to work then work
Ought to do whatever then do whatever
Anyhow, whenever you can come to our events just come
If you can't then just secretly support us in your hearts
This would make us very happy already
Must be obedient

Also, there's one more thing
That is, thank you all for the Golden Bell Awards recognition
I know I am very pretty
Also, both of my wives gave me complements non-stop
Do you all know
Getting praised for being beautiful by such pretty people
That kind of feeling can only be described as invigorating
I hope that in the future the three of us
Be it in Music
Hosting etc
And even in Love
Would make a breakthrough in all
Just bless and wish us well
We will work hard and cheer on
Also, wish that all of us will breakthrough ourselves everytime
Cheer on

Originally posted on 2006/12/27 03:01

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